Smart. Personal. Seamless.

Interact with your shoppers through mobile, web and email.

in-store engagement

Reach your shoppers at the right time with relevant in-store content delivered to their mobile device.

Engage and interact with your shoppers throughout their shopping journey using email, web, mobile apps and iBeacons to help them make informed shopping decisions.


Deliver personalized offers to shoppers at-home, on-the-go and in-store.

Birdzi’s Offer Genius tool learns each individual shopper’s purchase behavior and ensures your shoppers receive relevant content and offers, driven by your pre-defined campaign objectives.

marketing automation

Manage your offers and campaigns

With Birdzi’s powerful Campaign and Offer Management Portal, you create, define and manage your own offers in real-time. You can set and track budgets, campaign start and end dates or define specific in-store locations to deliver special offers to your shoppers.

In addition, you can allow your vendors to set up and manage digital offers to reach your shoppers.


Analyze campaign performance in real-time

Birdzi allows retailers to analyze campaign performance in real-time to better understand shopper engagement.

Retailers can monitor offer activations and redemptions by store, channel, shopper engagement, brand or location.

getting started

Setup Data Feeds

Configure Mobile & Web App

Prepare Marketing & Launch!

Start implementing the powerful, cost-effective Birdzi platform today.

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