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campaign management

With Birdzi’s powerful Campaign and Offer Management Portal, brands can create, define and manage offers across participating retailers in  real-time. The portal allows brands and vendors to set and track budgets, manage campaigns, and define specific in-store locations to deliver special offers to your shoppers.

The Campaign and Offer Management Portal allows brands to ensure they deliver the right offer to the right shoppers at the right time and in-store location.


Birdzi allows vendors to analyze campaign performance in real-time to better understand shopper engagement.

Vendors are able to monitor offer activations and redemptions by store, channel, shopper engagement, brand or location, all in real-time.


Birdzi’s Scorecards help brands and vendors study the impact of their campaigns across different shopper segments.

The Scorecard function also allows vendors to understand product category performance by geography, brand and shopper segment.

The sophisticated Scorecard data allows vendors to better plan future marketing initiatives and campaigns.

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