It was so great to see people in person again after the past year and a half! Following safety protocols, both the GroceryShop and NGA Shows were a success, albeit both shows’ attendance was slightly off from the previous in-person shows.

On Monday morning at GroceryShop, Ron Bonacci, VP of Marketing & Advertising for Weis Markets, and I did a workshop on Effective Personalization Tactics. The fact that we filled the room, an estimated 250-300 people, spoke to the industry’s interest in leading-edge marketing personalization. We covered the different tactics that retailers use in going to market, from simple personalization of mass content to strategic hyper-personalized campaigns that leverage the entire store product catalog and retailer-funded savings. Ron then spoke to some of the things Weis is implementing. Together, we both delivered the message that providing each shopper savings on products they want to buy is a potent approach to growing the business.

At the NGA Show, CART delivered a two-and-a-half-hour program on Sunday afternoon focused on Retail 4.0, helping retailers understand leading-edge innovation across the supply chain and focusing them on three key areas going forward: 

1) The blending of the digital and physical worlds of shopping

2) Creating value in the digital world

3) Automating a customer-first marketing strategy

With over 400 people attending the CART Event, it was clear that the independent retail sector is focused on the future!